7 Best Romantic Thriller Movies On Netflix

7. Unfaithful

A tense thriller on the consequences of adultery, as a married woman's affair devolves into a labyrinth of deception and tragedy.

6. Kappela

It is a Malayalam film about the unforeseen links and consequences of an urban girl's life intersecting with two guys from different origins.

5. Fair Play

It delves into the tough world of competitive sports, revealing the sacrifices and ethical quandaries that sportsmen face in the pursuit of triumph.

4. Haseen Dilruba

It is a riveting Bollywood thriller that delves into love, passion, and treachery, unravelling a complicated web of emotions and suspense.

3. Luckiest Girl Alive

Thrilling drama 'Luckiest Girl Alive' delves into a woman's pursuit for perfection, revealing dark secrets behind her seemingly faultless life.

2. Talaash

It is a Bollywood psychological thriller about a troubled officer who investigates a suspicious death while dealing with his own tormented history.

1. Love

A moving study of the complexity of love, as a couple navigates passion, heartbreak, and self-discovery in this visually breathtaking drama.