7 Best Movies And Series For Netflix Lovers

7. Killer Soup

A thrilling thriller series in which a seemingly regular soup recipe reveals a network of deadly secrets, leading to unexpected twists and tension.

6. Shameless

Shameless chronicles the dysfunctional Gallagher family as they navigate life's hardships on Chicago's South Side using humour, perseverance, and unique survival strategies.

5. Monica O'my Darling

A thrilling romantic comedy chronicles Monica's search for love, combining humour and emotion in a beautiful movie experience.

4. End Of The F**king World

End of the F**king World' is a darkly comic and riveting film about two unhappy teenagers who take a chaotic, violent road trip to escape their dysfunctional lives.

3. Darlings

A dark comedy set in Mumbai that follows the intertwined lives of four people through odd situations and unexpected twists.

2. Big Mouth

Hilarious animated series about negotiating puberty's mayhem, merging humour and honesty, with strange hormone monsters and relatable teenage difficulties.

1. Hunt For Veerappan

The documentary  depicts the rigorous chase of India's legendary forest bandit, delving into the complexity of his elusive criminal empire.