8 Best Dark Thriller Shows On Amazon Prime

8. Absentia

Emily Byrne, an FBI agent declared deceased, resurfaces with no memory, navigating a labyrinth of machinations while tracking down a serial killer.

7. Citadel

A thrilling espionage drama with sophisticated storylines, interesting characters, and unexpected turns that keep viewers on edge.

6. Dead Ringers

Uncanny impersonations are used in this darkly humorous sketch series to satirise politicians, celebrities, and pop culture.

5. The Devil's Hour

The supernatural thriller investigates odd events around 3:33 AM, mixing reality and horror in a riveting story. 

4. Tell Me Your Secrets

Dark secrets emerge as three people deal with their tormented pasts in a riveting psychological thriller called 'Tell Me Your Secrets.'

3. Jack Ryan

A CIA analyst is thrown into high-stakes global intrigue, negotiating political minefields to avert impending threats.

2. The Terminal List

A gripping thriller about a Navy SEAL's search for justice, which uncovers a web of intrigue and revenge. 

1. Mr Robot

Cybersecurity expert by day, vigilante hacker by night. A psychological thriller that investigates identity, society, and corruption.