7 Best Dark Thriller Shows On Hotstar

7. Barry

It follows a hitman, Barry Berkman, as he attempts to abandon his criminal background and pursue an acting career while negotiating dark humor and moral quandaries.

6. The Wire

It explores Baltimore's gritty urban landscape, unraveling the complex web of crime, politics, and institutions with unparalleled depth and realism.

5. Hostages

An Indian thriller series, revolves around a surgeon forced to assassinate the Chief Minister during a high-stakes surgical procedure.

4. Perry Mason

A skilled defence attorney navigates challenging cases in 1930s Los Angeles, revealing the truth through wit, drama, and moral ambiguity."

3. Criminal Justice

It delves into the complexities of the legal system through gripping storytelling, courtroom drama, and interesting characters confronting justice's harsh reality.

2. American Crime Story

It explores infamous criminal cases, gripping audiences with real-life dramas, stellar performances, and intense storytelling.

1. Aarya

It follows a wife's transformation into a formidable matriarch, juggling family, treachery, and crime to protect her own.