6 Reasons To Watch Berlin On Netflix

About Berlin

Berlin, a mastermind in Money Heist, is a charismatic yet ruthless strategist, orchestrating the Royal Mint heist with calculated brilliance and a complex personality.

A Popular Spinoff

Money Heist was one of the most popular and well-liked shows of all time, and this new series is a spinoff, with another spectacular heist taking place this time.

Returning Characters

The red-suited robbery group had won everyone's hearts, and this offshoot is centered on one of them - Berlin.

New Characters

The spinoff series introduces a number of new and refreshing characters to the Money Heist universe, such as the reclusive hacker Keila and Damian, a professor-like figure to Berlin.

A Heartwarming Treat

The makers experimented with adding some comedy and lighthearted moments in the spinoff, departing from the original's dark and brutal tone.

Large-scale Production

Because of the huge success of Money Heist, Berlin has been staged on a grand scale, and this time the plot is set in the lovely setting of Paris.

Captivating Performances

Money Heist universe cast have produced some fantastic performances, as has Pedro Alonso, who has been continuously killing it as Berlin season after season.