10 Best Movies To Watch on Amazon Prime

Starring in Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 masterpiece are Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Cary portrays John, a former jewel thief on the hunt for a criminal who is robbing tourists. 

1. To Catch A Thief

Based on a true incident, The King's Speech tells the tale of King George VI and his speech therapist. 

2. The King's Speech

In this exciting final installment of the venerable James Bond series, Daniel Craig not only excels as James Bond but also takes front stage alongside Lashana Lynch as the new 007.

3. No Time To Die

In this 2022 awards season favourite, Kate Blanchett plays the imaginary musician Lydia Tár, who is being accused of misbehaviour.

4. Tar

The love tale of a British royal and the son of an American president is the basis for the critically acclaimed book Red, White & Royal Blue, written by Casey McQuiston. 

5. Red, White & Royal Blue

Davina Pardo and Leah Wolchok's poignant new documentary explores the life and legacy of Judy Blume.

6. Judy Blume Forever

In the film Grace of Monaco, Nicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly, an American actress adjusting to her new life and persona as a princess.

7. Grace of Monaco

Clue is a darkly humorous adaptation of the board game that follows an all-star ensemble cast as they attempt to solve a murder on a rainy night at a mansion in New England. Salt

8. Clue

In Saltburn, Emerald Fennell's second film, an Oxford outsider named Oliver (Barry Keoghan) makes friends with Felix, a wealthy classmate, and spends the summer at his family's    estate.Saltburn

9. Saltburn

Matthew McConaughey plays an ex-pilot who heads a space mission and leaves his family and Earth behind in Christopher Nolan's film Interstellar.

10. Interstellar